Frequently Asked Questions

Are Teezbro Tshirts 100% Cotton?

Yes! Our T-Shirts are made with one hundred percent 180 GSM compact combed cotton, stitched to perfection. There might be a negligible shrinkage of <0.5%

What are the method of Printing used?

We use the “Screen printing” method using high-quality dyes for vibrant colors and DTG.

What are the sizes available? Can I choose any T-Shirt color of my choice?

We offer T-shirts in six different sizes ranging from S to 3XL. Please refer to our size chart for the perfect fit. We currently do not offer a color selection for T-shirts as we set a default color to match the print design. However, we will be bringing more color options in the future.

How do I wash my Teezbro T-Shirt?

Please follow the wash care instructions provided on the product page. Washing by hand is recommended. Use mild detergent. Do not iron on the print or use a scrubber on the print. We use high-quality dyes which provide the print with longer life but failing to follow this instruction might lead to deterioration of T-shirt and print life.

I'm an international customer, have you received my returned items?

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