5 Awesome Harry Potter T-Shirts

Hey folks! Thinking on how to keep yourself updated and trendy in your clothing styles? Here comes the t-shirts from the world of fantasy. Yess… The fantasy hero of all youth minds Harrypotter’s T-shirts of latest seasons are available now exclusively for the trend setters like you with the budget absolutely matching your savings. So why waiting… Rushhhh nowwww!!!

5) Harry Potter Inspired Glass and Lightning T-Shirt


4) Neither Can Live While Others Survive

Harry Potter Tshirts

3) Souled Store Harry Potter T-Shirt

Top 5 Harry potter tshirts

2) PikaPotter Tshirt


1) Harry Potter Always

Harry Potter tshirts

Harry Potter Tshirts

Designer creates Minimal Posters of Hollywood everyday for a year

Pete Majarich a Graphic Designer from Sydney Challenges Himself to create 365 Posters for every Single Day for 1 Year A Movie Poster a day Provide a alternative design for existing Movie Posters Majarich uses the smart ways and quirks dialogues and scenes to create this stunning Minimalistic Posters, Check out some of the favorites below.

1- The Wolverine.

Day 289: The Wolverine. #amovieposteraday

2- Terminator 2

Day 2 of 365 – Terminator 2 Buy This Poster

The Martian

Day 3 of 365 – The Martian Buy this Poster

Pulp Fiction

Day 1 of 365 – Pulp Fiction Buy This Poster


Day 7 of 365 – Interstellar Buy this Poster

The Grey

Day 5 of 365 – The Grey Buy this Poster

Requiem of  a Dream

Day 6 of 365 – Requiem for a Dream Buy this Poster

The Dark Knight

Day 9 of 365 – The Dark Knight Buy this Poster

Day 12 of 365 – The Man Who Fell To Earth Buy this Poster

Day 101 of 365 – Batman V Superman (Superman Edition). Print available here.

Day 10 of 365 - Gravity Buy this Poster

Day 100 of 365 – Batman V Superman (Batman Edition). Print available at http://craftandgraft.co

Day 11 of 365 – Inception Buy this Poster

Day 99 of 365 – Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes #amovieposteraday

Day 93 of 365 – The Thing. Buy this Print.

Day 78 of 365 – Inglorious Basterds. Buy this Poster.

Day 75 of 365 – Prometheus. Buy this Poster.

Day 73 of 365 – Akira. Buy this poster.

Day 29 of 365 – ALIEN. Buy this Poster

Day 21 of 365 – Mad Max. Buy this Poster.

Day 66 of 365 – World War Z. Buy this Poster.

Day 15 of 365 – The Shining Buy this Poster

Day 14 of 365 – The Life of Pi Buy this Poster

Day 22 of 365 – TRON. Buy this Poster.

Day 25 of 365 – Looper. Buy this Poster

Day 88 of 365 – Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Buy this Poster.

Day 19 – Dr Strangelove. Buy this Poster

Day 25 of 365 – Looper. Buy this Poster

Day 148 of 365 – Seven. #amovieposteraday

Day 266: A retro number for A Clockwork Orange. #amovieposteraday

Day 261: The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. #amovieposteraday

Day 257: Sully #amovieposteraday

Day 235: Moon (again) #amovieposteraday

Day 212: Finding Nemo. #amovieposteraday

Day 208: The Karate Kid. #amovieposteraday

Day 191: Mission Impossible 3. #amovieposteraday

Day 193: Snowden. #amovieposteraday

Day 146 of 365 – Inception. #amovieposteraday

Day 271: I Am Legend. #amovieposteraday

Day 270: Man on Wire. #amovieposteraday

Day 293: The Fly. #amovieposteraday

Day 276: Titanic. #amovieposteraday

Day 217: Superman #amovieposteraday

Day 121 of 365 – Wall-E. #amovieposteraday

Kabali releases on July 22 however Rajinikanth’s movie insanity is as of now clearing the world.

As the arrival of his Kabali nears, the buzz around the film is discernable. The 65-year old performing artist’s in-your-face fans, from various strolls of life

ok now why Kabali is most Excpected Movie in the World

Because of One Man and his crew , award winning storyline and screenplay for Talaivar , Kabali is going to hit thetres on 22nd of July ,


PA Ranjith and his Crew




Top 10 ArtStation Artworks

Art Station is the best Platform for Artists, its popularly called as Home for artists, ArtStation is the showcase platform for games, film, media & entertainment artists. It enables artists to showcase their portfolios in a slick way, discover & stay inspired, and connect with new opportunities. Visit Artstation here 

Here we Present Top 10 Artstation Artworks

10.The Tribe

ArtStation Artworks
Artwork by Jakob Eirich

9.Medeival Skirmish

ArtStation Artworks

Artwork by Simon Gocal

8.Arche Age

ArtStation Artworks

Artwork by Team Couscous

7.Lukas Esch

ArtStation Artworks Artwork by Lukas Esch

6.Uncharted 4

ArtStation Artworks

Artwork by Marek Okan


ArtStation Artworks Artwork by tiago-hoisel-gordinho

4.GOD OF WAR a new Beginning

ArtStation Artworks

Artwork by Jose Daniel Cabrera Pena

3.Mangy Dog Final

ArtStation Artworks

Artwork by Daniel Angelozzi

2.Think i’ve found a Nest

ArtStation Artworks

Artwork by Toby Lewin 

1.Warcraft Movie| Concept Art

ArtStation Artworks

Artwork by Jonathan Berube 

Check the Video here

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